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Swan Upping at Moulsford  

Annual Swan Upping activities arrive at the Beetle & Wedge river frontage at approximately 6pm one evening usually in the third week of July. Swan Upping is the annual census of the swan population on the River Thames.  

If you are new to the village or never heard of or seen Swan Upping then it is worth a look at a very colourful and traditional river activity dating back from medieval times when the Crown claimed ownership of all mute swans for banquets and feasts!    

Nowadays the Queen only exercises her right to ownership of all unmarked mute swans on certain stretches of the River Thames and this ownership is shared with the Vintners' and Dyers' Companies, who were both granted rights of ownership by the Crown in the fifteenth century.   The swans are counted but are no longer eaten.

The Queen's Swan Marker and Swan Uppers, accompanied by the Swan Uppers of the Vinters' and Dyers' livery companies use six traditional Thames rowing skiffs in their five day journey upstream which starts from Sunbury Lock on the Monday in the third week of July and ends at Abingdon Bridge on the Friday afternoon. 

Scarlet uniforms are worn by The Queen's Swan Marker and Swan Uppers, and each boat flies their appropriate flags and pennants so all very coulourful.  The swans are rounded up, counted and marked and then released back on to the water – fortunately swan isn’t often on the menu for Crown banquets nowadays! 

Moulsford Events Committee

To see the the very latest information on Moulsford Events then refer to latest edition of Moulsford News that is delivered monthly to every household in Moulsford.

If you have lots of enthusiasm and are interested in getting involved in village events for all ages and doing something for your community we would love to hear from you!

We typically meet five times per year and ask only that you wuld be happy to help out at ad-hoc events and assist with the responsibility of running three Friday night socials during the summer - bar duty is optional! 

We would also love to hear from you if you are interested in running a "one off" event without the responsibility of being a full committee member.

If you are interested please contact Dave Reynolds or have a chat with any committee member. 

2019 Friday Night Socials at the Pavilion! 

Had a tiring week?  Looking forward to the weekend?  Come along and relax at your village local!  All welcome!! Free entry!!  Hugely popular!!  Start every Friday at 6.30pm with last orders typically at 9.45pm and close at 10pm. 

Moulsford Events Committee programme of Friday Night Socials for the spring and summer season 2019 will likely recommence in May 2019. 

Typical Friday night calendar includes:

Water pistol battle - date to be confirmed and there will be an exclusion zone around the Pavilion!

Rounders evening

Cricket Club mini cricket and BBQ

Kids craft events - these will typically run monthly.

Food evenings - the intention is to have food available once a month.


All villagers are welcome at Friday night socials but please keep dogs under close supervision, preferably on a lead. Dogs should not be in the pavilion itself unless absolutely unavoidable and should always be on a lead. Sorry to have to stress this but older people and small children can easily be knocked over by boisterous dogs.

Moulsford News

Moulsford News is the Village Newsletter and it is distributed 10 times a year and circulated to approximately 250 households in and around the village of Moulsford. 

For news submissions please send information and any photographs to the editor by email to Moulsfordnews@moulsfordweb.co.uk.  Please include a day/evening telephone number or email address.

To advertise in Moulsford News please contact Emma Reynolds  on reynolds743@btinternet.com.